ComparisonsHigh Speed Magnetic ClarifierMicro FiltrationClarifier/Sand FilterIon Exchange
Capital CostsMediumHighMediumHigh
Operating CostsLowHighLowMedium
Fouling LowHighMediumHigh
Solids LimitsHighHighLowLow
Power UseLowHighLowLow
Absolute FiltrationNoYesNoNo
Flow drop-offNoYesYesYes
Pressure dropLowHighMediumMedium
Sludge VolumeLowLowMediumMedium

"The High Speed Magnetic Clarification was our lowest cost option to meet metal discharge limits."

L. Wilde
Plant Manager, Metro Circuits

"A silver bullet for the metal finishing industry to make water treatment affordable."

M. Florczykowski

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High Speed Magnetic Clarifier vs. Microfilter

  •  Lower capital costs
  •  Less pressure drop
  •  Not subject to membrane fouling and scaling
  •   Lower chemical and lower energy costs.
  • Smaller footprint – a nominally 5’ wide x 10’ long x 7’ tall
    High Speed Magnetic Clarifier at 100-200 gpm versus 30 gpm membrane filter with dimensions of 24'×12'×16'.
  • No hazardous chemicals used

High Speed Magnetic Clarifier vs. Dissolved air flotation (DAF)

  •  Better water quality
  •  Lower energy use. 
  • High Speed Magnetic Clarification does not require air compressors.
  •  Smaller footprint
  •  Less costly

High Speed Magnetic Clarifier vs. Gravity clarifier/sand filter

Smaller footprint (i.e.: 12'×20' clarifier and 6'×10' sand filter approximates a nominally 5’ wide x 10’ long x 7’ tall High Speed Magnetic Clarifier)

  •  Lower capital costs
  •  No filter fouling by oil and greases, bacterial growth, polymer overdose or scaling
  •  No floc floating problems

Technology Comparisons

High Speed Magnetic Clarification Advantages

"By far the simplest, and most cost effective system I have seen."

D. Philbrook, P.E.
President, STF Inc.

High Speed Magnetic Clarifier vs. High-density sludge clarifier

  •  Smaller footprint
  •  Less costly
  •  Better water quality. No pin floc or floc floating.

High Speed Magnetic Clarifier vs. Sand Ballast clarification

  •  Smaller footprint
  • Greater waste concentration
  •  No ballast wasting
  •  Lower capital and operating costs

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