High Speed Magnetic Clarification Overview

The High Speed Magnetic Clarifier is designed to efficiently remove fine pollutant particles from water. High Speed Magnetic Clarification can be added to an existing water treatment system to enhance performance or installed as a new system to meet tight discharge limits at the lowest cost.

The High Speed Magnetic Clarifier is compact and usually meets the tightest space limitations. For example, a unit measuring nominally 5’wide x 10’ long x 7’ tall can process as much as 200 gpm (0.3 MGD).

For larger applications, a 40×8 foot High Speed Magnetic Clarifier can process up to 5 MGD.
High solids loading rates can be easily handled. The High Speed Magnetic Clarifier has ample flexibility to handle variations in solids loading and flow rate.

Water flows through the High Speed Magnetic Clarifier by gravity. This simplifies process control and reduces energy costs.

The High Speed Magnetic Clarifier can remove 90-97% of pollutant particles from water containing clay, silt, oil/grease, metal precipitates and municipal, animal and inorganic wastes (industrial and municipal).

MSS - How It Works

The MSS removes fine particles from water using magnetic seeding and separation.
• A small amount of magnetite is added to the water where it is attached to fine pollutant particles with a polymer.
• Permanent rare earth magnets quickly remove these combined pollutant/magnetic particles from the water.
• The magnetite is then mechanically cleaned by separating it from the pollutant particles with a shear mixer and reused.
• The magnetite is free from fouling by organics and is reused over and over again.
• There is no additional pressure drop through the system when the magnetite gets dirty.

"The High Speed Magnetic Clarification was our lowest cost option to meet metal discharge limits."

L. Wilde
Plant Manager, Metro Circuits

"By far the simplest, and most cost effective system I have seen."

D. Philbrook, P.E.
President, STF Inc.

Apex Water Treatments

Apex Water Treatments

introduces the High Speed Magnetic Clarifier, a new innovative liquid/solids separator that removes fine pollutant particles from water. The High Speed Magnetic Clarifier uses magnetic forces supplied from permanent rare earth magnets to remove fine pollutant particles that have been attached to magnetite using a flocculating polymer. This process of high speed magnetic clarification is called magnetic seeding and separation (MSS).

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"A silver bullet for the metal finishing industry to make water treatment affordable."

M. Florczykowski

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